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Destin, Fla. – Billboards on highways, might soon have some competition on the water. Splash Boards Media is officially open for business along Florida’s Panhandle.

A local advertising company is making a big spalsh in the Destin area. Splash Boards Media is the, first and only, watercraft billboard company literally on the Emerald Coast.

“When digital billboards came out, I thought it was pretty cool. I saw the application on a floating structure before and I thought we could do it and make it a lot better,” said Chris Kopecky, Splash Boards, Co-Owner.

Kopeckey said this is a unique way to reach a captive audience. The two-sided boards are 20- feet by 30-feet, digital L-E-D video boards.

“They are capable of doing still videos and we can also stream live events, television, football games, and any kind of fun promotional things,” said Kopecky.

Over the weekend, Splash Boards tested the waters near Destin. Destin City Councilman, Parker Destin received feedback from concerned citizens.

In a statement to News 13, Destin said, “As a City Councilman, I have no authority to dictate what occurs on Crab Island, but as a private citizen, I worry that the over commercialization of that natural resource has become so significant that we are forever damaging the brand of Destin and the Emerald Coast.”

“Destin is very commercialized in a very good way right now and I think there is a lot of fun, new, exciting things that we can do to improve and make this already great town better,” explained Kopecky.

Locals interviewed did not seem overly concerned with the arrival of this new business.

“I mean I really don’t think it’s a big deal. You know, we have the airplanes over head all the time. I’m all about supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses,” said Dana Crowe, local resident.

“Most of the people that I spoke with concerning the billboard, said that it was a great idea. And, that it was going to be excellent for tourist development and for this community,” said William Rieger, Surf Rescue Lifeguard.

Splash Board Media will be making waves and advertising all the way from Pensacola to Panama City Beach.

The owner of the company said they’re planning to use the billboard for public service announcements for the area. Splash Boards Media has 40 business they’re partnered with and will advertise throughout the summer season.

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