SPLASHBOARDS, delivers over 363,000 total daily impressions along Destin’s beaches.


  • Daily summer tourism population – 28,000
    • Census goes from 12,000 to 40,000/diffference is tourists
    • 6,650 rental units with estimated 4.2 occupants per unit
    • 725 of visitors name beach/water as “top activity”
  • Relevant daypart beach population estimate 20,130
  • 20,160 x 3 views/pass = 363,000 total daily impressions

Audience Source: Emerad Coast FY 2015 Strategic Marketing Plan and US Census

Your Customers are Our Audience


Splashboards route shown is typical but not guaranteed. Water conditions, weather, special events and other factors may alter routes on certain days. During rain or inclement weather that affects beach population, Splashboards will focus its route along the bridges, Okaloosa Island and other appropriate targeted areas.